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History of Chemisphere UK

The seeds of Chemisphere UK Ltd were sown in the 1970s. In 1979, our sister company, Flomatic Ltd, exhibited a commercial glasswashing machine at a trade show to the amusement of visitors who could not conceive the need for a machine to wash glasses! Hence, the first dedicated commercial cabinet glasswashing detergent - CRYSTAL Original. We have always been full of ideas. We invented and brought to the market the uniquely miniaturised FLOBOX detergent dosing and concentration controller for warewashing systems, the predecessor to many current systems. the first thickened acid toilet cleaner (well before 3-Way and Toilet Duck), but with a colour-changing lime-scale indicator - SUPERTHICK the first acid descalant with coloured acidicity-level indicator - DESKALE™, now marketed as RENOVATE Deskale™. the first non-tainting self-rinsing detergent/sanitiser for the Clenaglass rotary brush glasswashing machine - STERAPIPE LF, which evolved to become BRUSH UP the very first purple indicated beerline cleaner - PIPELINE™ - a product which transformed the UK dispense system hygiene market and which has been imitated and copied by less inventive and resourceful organisations; but never equalled. The basic idea came into being as long ago as 1976 and, by 1978 the first stabilised purple PIPELINE product was ready for trade use. However, the next three years were spent in trials, testing, demonstrating, observation, product modification, learning many facets of beverage dispense system cleaning quite literally the length and breadth of the U K. PIPELINE was, quite literally, unique and we had to learn and adapt to it. As we learned, we developed the unique techniques that have come to be associated with the purple product, and which licensees now take for granted. the unique compact CELLarMATE Supplement, chlorine dioxide generator; allowing line cleaning technicians and brewers to safely produce manageable quantities of such a powerful disinfectant in order to treat infected lines. With the advent of computerised automatic beerline cleaning systems, such as Speedo-Clean, Telmar and Beer Piper, we developed PIPELINE Auto, the only product specifically designed for use in such cleaning systems. Now, we are immensely proud of our new generation of PIPELINE Gold beerline cleaners, based on sophisticated and very modern surfactant technology which display an extraordinary ability to remove soil and biofilm.

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